Blending Fibres Guild Day

By Sue McManus

Images: Lynne F, Sue Mc, Vikki G, Diana B, Diane S

Today 10 members of Durham Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers joined Freyalyn Close Hainsworth   for a blending workshop during our monthly guild gathering.

Freyalyn demonstrated on a drum carder how to blend fibres using small quantities at a time, first opening up the fibres by painting them onto the drum, then blending them, demonstrating the effect by blending in quantities of 75/25% 50/50% 25/75 %, then passing through the drum carder once, twice three times to demonstrate the effects that can be obtained.

Fibre is made up into nests for storage. 

We learnt that Gotland, Norwegian and Icelandic fibre is good for felting. We were taught how to card fibre tips, create stripes with fibre which must overlap, and discussed how to spin the fibre we created.

A note of caution was to be aware that you can overprocess the fibre and it will create neps, we were shown how to use a hackle and wool combs in a brief demo.

For a short video of the Wool Comb demo please check our YouTube Channel by clicking here: Combs

The afternoon was spent making our own fibre preps – the silence was golden as people concentrated so much on creating their own fibre colour blends!

Oh my giddy aunt!!! Did we see some amazing blends.

Go on take a look you know you want to!

Thank you to everyone!

You can find Freyalyn’s website here:

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