Open Weaving Day 2018

Open Weaving Day 2018 

By Diana Barclay

Guild Open days are always exciting as you never know who is going to walk through the door. One thing that can always be guaranteed though, is that by 10.30am the kettle will be on, the biscuits will be out and there will be an expectant hum as people set out the various pieces of equipment on which to demonstrate their various skills.


As today was Weaving Day, the equipment on display included, Douglas’s table loom, on which he weaves his famous Durham Tartan, several Inkle looms, a rigid heddle loom, 2 Mara dais, some peg looms, some tapestry looms and some yarn shifters. These last were specially created by the members who were demonstrating on them. 

We also had the usual assortment of spinning wheels and carding devices out, along with a cornucopia of yarns and fibres to play with.

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The first visitors through the door were a couple of delightful ladies who had purchased a peg loom in a fit of enthusiasm but couldn’t work out how to use it. Fortunately for them, Vikki was on hand to help them get started and soon they were away! Throughout the day several more people dropped in, some curious to see what we were up to and others with a specific mission to learn how to use a particular piece of equipment. We were also delighted to welcome several long-standing Guild members who don’t always manage to get to meetings these days. 

As always on an Open Day, the highlight of the day was the shared lunch. This time the wonderful array of home baking on offer had a distinctly autumnal theme – not unconnected to the glut of apples many of us are experiencing! 

Inkle Loom set up!


All in all, another very happy and productive day was had by all. 

Call in at our next meeting on October 20th – you will be most welcome!!

4 thoughts on “Open Weaving Day 2018

  1. The Guild has purchased a carder. It was a delight to use and speeds up the process of sorting the fleece out ready to spin. Rolags done on carders are the better option but I wanted to “get on” and at the end of the day I had all I need for hours of spinning. The fleece was a Shetland from a friend in Scotland who keep a few in her field to keep the grass down. Sara’s cake on the lunch table was excellent and she kindly gave me the recipe. Busy days ahead thanks to Durham Guild.


  2. I was wondering what parking is like at St Oswalds? We’ve been to Durham on Saturday before, to Bookfair, and couldn’t find a parking place at all, which would have to be close if my disabled mum made the trip. Thank you.


    1. Hello Meg
      Paid on street parking is available outside the Institute. If I remember correctly it’s 30p per ½ hour.
      Unlike the city center which is quite hilly access is on the flat. Easy access into the hall aids accessibility for those with mobility issues.
      I hope this information helps you.


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