Chinese Whispers Exhibition


On Saturday 15th April our Durham Guild meeting stopped mid-spin to experience the “Big Reveal”!

What was this all about I hear you say? Well….let me explain…..

Many moons ago members of the guild saw a ‘Chinese Whispers’ exhibition where items were crafted based only on inspiration drawn from the previous person’s work – clearly each piece was a step apart from its predecessor and a number steps from the original art work. It was decided that Durham Guild would attempt their own Chinese Whispers sequence and guild members set about building an exhibition to  be displayed in the World Heritage Visitors’ Centre next to Durham’s Cathedral.

The original inspiration had to be something from the World Heritage site and Angela chose the “Daily Bread” stained glass window within the Cathedral. This window, dedicated on May 2nd 1984, depicts an abstract representation of the Last Supper. It was gifted by the staff of the Durham branch of Marks and Spencer, commemorating the company’s centenary. It is an example of the strong links between the Durham community and its Cathedral. And so the work began…..


The window was designed by Mark Angus who was thrilled to discover his work had been our guild’s inspiration. His work is amazing – Do take a look if you have a few moments!

CWGuild-0104 CWGuild-0113

The anticipation to see the work was palpable on Saturday, especially as no one had seen the original image, and members had only ever seen a photograph of the previous work on which to base their piece! Each of the 13 frames were kept hidden – none of us knew what to expect. (Big thanks to Weavers Bazaar for the support with the frames!) Angela gave us an overview of how she had picked the stained glass window, why she chose it and then revealed her own work. We were not disappointed!! Wow!!


What a wonderful piece of work!

CWGuild-0174  CWGuild-0119

Just stunning!! And this is just the first! With 11 more to go the room was electrified by the prospect of what would be next………

……we were not disappointed. But….. I am going to keep you all in suspense as the exhibition opening is on the 1st of May 2017 and I don’t want to spoil it by letting all the secrets out of the bag at once!

Do come along to the World Heritage Site Visitor Centre in Durham city, on the approach to Palace Green and the Cathedral during the month of May. All 12 wonderful pieces will be on display for the entire month!

I will post the full set of images very soon……..

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