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Useful Links
Here are a few links to websites which our members have found useful:

The Association of  Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

Pinterest: Cataloguing the world

(at https://uk.pinterest.com/)

For those of you who use the internet, you might be interested in Pinterest. It is an image and video collecting site which anyone can join. You can pin photographs and videos onto your own set of boards. You define what your boards are going to be about and they can be private or public. It is a way of putting what you find on the web into an easily retrievable form. You can save images that you feel you might want to use or, as I have found, use it to discover new ideas and images.

People save recipes, fashion, ideas for knitting, inspirational pictures, in fact, anything. There are now over 30 billion images on Pinterest and 750 million boards.

I have 46 public boards ranging from Estonian Weaving, Finnish woven bands, Handfasting Bands, Sámi Band Weaving, Medieval Weaving, Medieval Weaving, Medieval Spinning, Netting, Spinning in Art, Warp Weighted loom, Weaving Equipment, The Green Man.

I have always been fascinated by old images of weaving and spinning. There are 83 images of medieval weaving, 240 images of medieval spinning and 44 images of medieval tablet weaving on my boards. It is intriguing to see how these crafts are depicted. For spinners, the uses to which a distaff and spindle are put are somewhat alarming. One common image is of a woman beating a man with her distaff!

If you want to see the use I have made of some of the images, go to my blog page and look at the entry for July 1st. There are three items which I would love to know more about: a circular warp spacer? or is it?; a portable tablet weaving loom and an early picture of what appears to be a table inkle loom.

Pinning can be additive as the range of information on the web continues to grow. Museum, Art galleries and Universities are putting their treasures on line and making them available to a wider audience. It is entrancing to –˜wander unchecked through this garden of bright images–™

Why not give it a try?

My blog is at http://durhamweaver64.blogspot.co.uk/ There is a link to my Pinterest Boards on my blog page.

Susan J Foulkes

St Oswalds Institute, Church Street
Durham City, Co Durham, DH1 3DQ
tel. Secretary 01207 230 364
Contact: email: secretary.durhamguild@gmail.com