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Batik:Textile Techniques and the People behind the Cloth 5/6 October 2012

Following their excellent talk and presentation to the Guild on the Friday evening, Diane and Jim Gaffney returned to St. Oswalds Institute on the Saturday to conduct a rewarding and well organised workshop.

Members were introduced to wax resist, using the tjanting to drip and delineate the desired design. This was followed by dyeing, drying and more waxing alternately, to complete the pattern.

Another project used the configured copper tjap, dipped in the hot wax to print the resist. Some participants preferred this method as they found the tjantings tricky when trying to control the flow of wax. Colours were dip-dyed or painted.

The final project was a sampler showing a selection of techniques, and demonstrating that the dye could be applied with brushes or any other suitable implement that came to hand.

Luckily the Institute stands next to an open grassed area where a washing line could be rigged up. Passers-by on the busy Durham pavements were intrigued to see the colourful samples of Batik hung out to dry in the autumn sunshine.

St Oswalds Institute, Church Street
Durham City, Co Durham, DH1 3DQ
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