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Here you'll find examples of the wide-ranging creative skills of a few of our members.


Ann Evans

I also like making felt, using merino fleece ornamented with silk and mohair, and combining this with weaving, knitting and crochet, I enjoy spinning, both wool and silk, but am not always satisfied with the result.
However I have found a use for my variegated yarns in patchwork knitting. Recently I have also been experimenting with yarn-shifting, a technique of producing small pieces of weaving to assembly into larger items.
I enjoy the challenge of making items for exhibitions. I also like to share my enthusiasms, with others, and membership of the Guild enables me to do this.

Enquiries to Ann Evans, e-mail address.... ann.evans@uwclub.net

Susan J Foulkes

Susan J Foulkes is a designer/weaver who lives in Durham City and loves to use natural yarns in her work.
For a number of years she has been researching the beautiful woven folk bands from the Baltic region. Sweden has its own long tradition of band weaving. The discovery of a complex old band in a second hand shop enabled her to analyse the patterns in detail. This wonderful band had 13 pattern threads and very few pattern repeats. These intricate designs are proving very inspirational.
She teaches band weaving on line through the Braid Society and has taught at Summer School. She has self published a number of books about band weaving and made 19 YouTube vidoes.
Her blog is http://durhamweaver64.blogspot.co.uk/ Patterns and designs for tea towels, handtowels scarves as well as band weaving can be found on her blog page.


Angela Colbridge

I decided to put on a long warp on the loom to make three very different but co-ordinated cushions for the hall.

As you can see the book shelves are cubes, so wanted to reflect these in the cushions without making them identical.

The triptych wall hanging was also done to reflect the cubes. I wanted to make them without using a frame.

I had seen framed canvas in art shops and wondered if I could use them for this purpose these three were perfect, as they came as a hanging although I had to take them to pieces whilst weaving, during a family holiday in Cornwall, when my eldest Grandson was three, we spent many happy hours on the beach, beach combing.

He would find something, run and pick it up and say this is for your collage Nan, I just had to do something with them but first needed to get rid of the salty smell,so left them outside to the winter elements, which worked perfectly.

So the driftwood on the tapestry is from that holiday and is for your collage Nan.

Having made these three cushions I decided to try with another long warp but with finer wool and made three cushions for one of our guest bedrooms, the smaller cushion was made earlier to experiment with using different yarns, including banana yarn.


Terry Smith

Spinner, Braid maker (Marudai), fancy yarns, dyeing, felt making, tapestry and Inkle weaving.
Spinning demonstration at RSPB.

e-mail stoswalds@durhamguild.co.uk

Geni Glatt ...BA Artist, designer, craftsman (1986)

Multidisciplines. Specializes in crochet, also weaves, and makes felt, frequently combining the 3 disciplines:one-off fashion items -jackets, collars, hats, scarves or small runs of 3-dimentional artefacts: cushions, necklaces, bowls and boxes etc..

Work for sale, some commisions accepted.

Gives talks, demonstrations, and workshops occasionally....

e-mail ...david.glatt1@talktalk.net.

Douglas McMurtrie

A late comer to the weaving craft and still something of an apprentice. More of an "artisan" than an artist, I am interested in the weaving of tartan using a four shaft table loom.
e-mail : kenfrid@clara.co.uk

Jen Campbell... BA Artist, designer, craftsman (1988)

Specialises In small woven tapestries. Also makes large hooky wall hangings, rugs and cushions. Tapestries include embroidery cotton, perle cotton and unusual yarns. The wall hangings and rugs are made from Durham carpet rug wool or plastic. The cushions are made from strips of material.

Work For sale. Variable prices. Commissions Considered. Enquiries please to: Jenifer.campbell@ntworld.com

Wenke Weightman... Weaver

Top & Scarf

Materials in Silk, 30epi, threaded on eight shafts.


All woven on same warp.
Pointed Twill in carpet wool, different lifts on AVL loom 9 shafts + 2 for selvage.

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